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Why you must visit Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 2020

Milwaukee is a beautiful city  with only about 600,000 residents. To the Germans it is a home away from Germany.  The largest immigrants in this small city are Germans . It has beautiful neighborhoods with a rich culture. My friend who runs a garage door repair company in Arkansas is actually from Milwaukee. This is a travel destination you cannot afford to overlook this year.  Here are the reasons.

Milwaukee Art Museum

This is considered one of the largest art museums in the USA.  If you are an art lover then this is the place to be in 2020. It has over 31,000 pieces of art collection. You can explore artwork alone or in the company of  family. Kids also have an opportunity to improve their creativity through Kohl’s art generation.

Ryder cup

Ryder cup founded by Samuel Ryder, is one of the worlds greatest sporting events that is held after every 2 years. It brings  top  golf players from, Europe and united states in a competition. This is a great event for golfers all over the world.  Ryder cup 2020 is being hosted in Milwaukee Wisconsin.  No golf lover would want to miss this opportunity.

German beer

When you talk about German culture, their beer comes to mind. The brewing industry here is big.  Apart from leaning their culture you also get to enjoy beer made by some of the best in the market.

Milwaukee, Wisconsin has beautiful hotels and where to can get accommodation for the period you are visiting, is not a problem. It also has  professional guides to help you find your  way around. All you need to do is start planning for your vacation.

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